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April 4, 2015 by Jules


Wooohoo!!! I’m felicitous!!

Demon Within is currently sitting at #58 in Erotica on Amazon!! Thank you readers!!!

Have you tried Angel Within yet?? Because it’s even hotter!!

Sneaky peek for Angel WithinAngel Within cover

Glancing towards the bed, he smiled as Eloise lay fast asleep. He wanted to wash before settling, although he longed to touch her soft skin and smell her perfumed hair.

Pouring water into the bowl from the jug, he wetted a cloth and began washing his hands and face. He pulled his shirt over his head and unfastened the belt on his trousers.

‘You’ve returned earlier than expected, husband.’

Kai didn’t hear Eloise sneak up behind him and turned with a start on hearing her voice. She wore a thin nightgown, open at the front and only fastened with a ribbon at her chest. Long hair cascaded past her shoulders to her waist, she’d left it untied, just…

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